How to Fix Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error on Windows 11

Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error on Windows 11

Are you encountering the Unable to Connect to EA Servers error on Windows 11?

If you’re a passionate gamer, then you must know how frustrating it is to encounter issues while launching games such as FIFA or Battlefields. 

Especially the “Unable to Connect to EA Servers” error that has become a common issue among the EA gaming community.

Although the primary reason for this error is an issue with the server, other causes include unstable internet connection, VPN and Proxy errors, or various issues with your account. 

However, it is possible to fix this error with the troubleshooting techniques mentioned in our guide. Simply identify the root cause and use any of the solutions provided below.

So, let’s get started!

1. Check If EA Servers Are Running. 

The most obvious reason behind the Unable to Connect to EA Servers is the servers being down due to maintenance. This would prevent you from playing certain games. If this is the case, the only solution is to wait until the professionals resolve this issue.

However, to ensure the problem is with the EA servers, you can check their status to check whether they are running or not.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Downdetector
  1. Next, type in ‘EA’ in the search bar and click on the search icon or press the Enter key from your keyboard. 
  2. Choose the same from the search results. 
Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error on Windows 11
  1. Now check if the service is down or not. 

If you discover that the service is down, all you can do is wait till the servers get back up and running. Alternatively, you may head to the EA Help website to see if there’s any server problem. 

2. Ensure Your Internet Connection is Strong. 

The next solution to fixing the Unable to Connect to EA Servers error is to ensure your device is connected to a stable internet connection. If you’re unable to play online games, chances are you have low internet connectivity.

Therefore, check your Wi-Fi speed to ensure a strong network connection. If you find a problem, you may run the Internet Connections troubleshooter by following the next method from this guide.

3. Run the Internet Connections Troubleshooter. 

The Internet Connections troubleshooter is a built-in program that helps diagnose and fix internet problems. So, if the Unable to Connect to EA Servers error is caused by an issue with the internet, you can fix it by using the Internet Connections troubleshooter.

Here’s how to run the troubleshooter in Windows 11:

  1. Launch Settings by pressing the Win + i keys from your keyboard. 
  2. From the System tab, go to Troubleshoot
troubleshoot in windows settings
  1. Select Other troubleshooters.
  2. Next, click on the Run button next to Internet Connections
internet connections troubleshooter
  1. Wait for a while as Windows detects any problems with the internet and presents several fixes. 
  2. Apply the fix by following the on-screen instructions and see if that fixes the error you’re facing. 

4. Restart Your PC. 

Before diving into any technical solutions for this error, a safe option is to restart your PC. Rebooting your device provides a fresh restart, clearing cache and eliminating any bugs or glitches causing the EA Servers error to occur.

To resolve this, restart your computer in the following way:

  1. Click on the Start menu from the bottom bar. 
  2. After that, select the Power icon and choose Restart.
Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error on Windows 11
  1. Wait for Windows to restart your computer. Then, check if the Unable to connect to EA servers error is resolved or not. 

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5. Ensure Your Account Isn’t Banned.

If restarting your PC does not fix the issue, it is likely that your account has been banned by EA. Your account can get banned if you have violated any terms of the User Agreement of the community. This will block you from certain actions, such as playing online games.

To check if your account is banned, you’ll need to view your account history. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Head over to the official EA website
  2. Enter your credentials to sign in to your account. 
sign in to EA account
  1. From the top bar, click on Accounts and select My Ban History from the drop-down menu. 
Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error on Windows 11
  1. Check if your account has been banned. 

If there’s no ban/suspension history available, move to the next method to solve the error.

6. Disable VPN and Proxy. 

Another effective fix to resolve this error is by disabling VPN and proxy. If you use a VPN or proxy, they introduce additional network configurations that may interfere with your internet connection, causing the error.

So, disable VPN and proxy to establish a direct connection by following the steps below:

  1. Open Settings on your PC by pressing Win + i keys
  2. Next, select Network & internet from the left pane. 
  3. Click on Proxy from the right side. 
proxy settings in windows 11
  1. Then, click on the Edit button next to Use a proxy server from the Manual proxy setup section. 
  2. From the pop-up window that appears, turn the toggle off below Use a proxy server
  3. Finally, click on Save
Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error on Windows 11

Once done, head back to the EA website and check if the server error is eliminated. 

7. Disable Windows Defender Antivirus. 

If you are using the Windows Defender antivirus or any other third-party app, they can block your access to the EA network, sensing a false threat. They can also cause hindrances in establishing the necessary network connections and prevent you from playing various games.

So, resolve this issue and gain uninterrupted network access to the EA servers by disabling the Windows Defender antivirus. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Start menu from your Windows PC. 
  2. Type in ‘Windows Security’ in the search and click on the same from the search results. 
windows security in windows 11
  1. Once the new window opens, click on Virus & threat protection from the left pane.
  2. Next, select the Manage settings link under the Virus & threat protection settings section. 
  3. Lastly, turn off the toggle for Real-time protection
real-time protection in windows 11

This should fix the Unable to connect to EA servers error on Windows 11. However, remember that disabling the Windows Defender antivirus exposes your system to potential threats. Therefore it should be considered as a last resort and done only temporarily.

This ends our guide on how to fix the Unable to connect to EA servers error on Windows 11. If you have any other questions regarding this topic, feel free to use the comment section below. We’ll help you out in no time. 

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